I am a theoretical linguist, also interested in data analysis and statistics. I am currently working at the Center for Corpus and Experimental Research on Slavic Languages “Slavicus” (University of Wrocław).

My research focusses on the interfaces between syntax and other linguistic domains (semantics, pragmatics, discourse, phonology). I worked on language variation, both in a diachronic and in a synchronic perspective (with a focus on heritage languages and bilingual speakers).

If you are looking for Alberto Frasson (literary critic), Alberto Frasson (musician) or Alberto Frasson (psychiatrist), you got the wrong guy.

My surname is an oxytone word: the stress is on the last syllable. The o is pronounced as a closed /o/, while the last n is normally pronunced as a voiced velar nasal /ŋ/.

News and events

19-21/05/2023: Talks at FASL 32

I will present two works at FASL (Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics), hosted at Indiana University: – Agreement, case assignment and null expletives in Serbian existentials – Microvariation in the Slavic secondary imperfective: The East-West parametric division (with Dorota Klimek-Jankowska, Vesela Simeonova, Natalia Shlikhutka, Nina Tunteva, Viktorija Blazheska) Programme and abstracts are available at the…

01/12/22: Talk at “Formal Approaches to Galician and Portuguese Grammar”

On 1 December 2022 I will present my study “Structural and referential properties of subject pronouns in the heritage languages of Brazil” at the symposium “Formal Approaches to Galician and Portuguese Grammar”, organized by Sandra Quarezemin and Francisco Ordóñez at Stony Brook University. https://calendar.stonybrook.edu/site/linguistics/event/formal-approaches-to-galician-and-portuguese-grammar/